I am watching a tv-show and there is a guy complaining about screw tops on wine bottles. Really? Screw tops? He is not drinking a certain wine because it has a screw top. There is a also a woman who writes erotics novels. One of her books was called "mother-in-law, son-in-law". I will let you imagine what it was about. This is a legit show by the way and it is with real people. Is it rude to laugh at people who complain about the stupidest things?

I could never be a vegetarian. I believe that we were born to eat meat. The way our bodies are built also tell us that. I have nothing against vegetarians and actually really admire their will strength. I would be tempted so easily by lamb chops. Even thinking about it makes me hungry. Have you seen that episode with Phoebe (FRIENDS) eats the veal to impress Mike's parents? It gets me every time. 

Indie music has really been received well the past two years. Some indie music is amazing, but honestly some of it makes me want to sleep. There is no talent shown by the guitarists or drummers. They play one note every 30 seconds. Please tell me I am not the only one. Sometimes, however, I like to lie in my bed, put my headphones on and just stare at the ceiling and wonder. It's not a sad kind of wondering like the ones you have before you go to bed, it is more of a daydreaming and hopeful wondering. 

Battery is running low and so is my patience with watching this tv-show. The erotic writer is talking about how she doesn't like personalised number plater and the screw top guy has one. Funny stuff.

Day five over.

I really don't know why people make fake trees and flowers. What kind of world do we live in if we create fake roses? Just think about it for a second and you will realise how disgusting it is. Instead of planting more flowers, and make the world more green, we create fake ones out of plastic and pollute the world even more. Sometimes I just get really disappointed by mankind. Even by the way we treat each other. People don't let you skip the queue even if your wife is having a baby or something urgent. The human kind can really make you sad, but then sometimes there are these really inspiring moments where you are proud to be alive. 

I moved from Denmark to more southern country. I am still no particularly happy about the situation but this is not about that. In this country there is something rather hilarious in the parking garage to the supermarkets. There are reserved spaces for women. It is funny because it is almost politically correct. It is really nice that they reserve spaces for women but why? It is so sexist in a way. We certainly didn't have that in Denmark so I guess it may be that I am just used to something else. It is still quite peculiar.

Day four over. 

P.S. I'm sorry this is a short one, getting ready for school etc.
I have always envied those people who just go into life with an "I-don't-care" attitude. "I don't care what people think about me". "I don't care if I don't get any cake". Yet, "I don't care" can also seem offending so I guess it's a double edged sword. Luna Lovegood is so carefree. She does whatever she wants and wears whatever she wants to. I wish I had a friend like her or even met a person like her. Just imagine how relaxed you would be at all times. You wouldn't have to be suspicious every time someone laughs near you. I guess we are never really happy with who we are. 

A word that is beginning to annoy me is "lol". It has been turned into this word that you write when you have nothing else to write. 
"I bought this new videogame called Slender and it's really scary."
It has no meaning anymore because it has been overused by everyone. My parents actually think it means lots of love, which is why I really enjoy reading their texts. lol. 

School starts soon and I am not prepared. We were supposed to read 5 books over the holiday which doesn't seem too bad, but nowadays it is completely impossible! I'm probably being lazy but I can't seem to find time to read! When I'm on a plane I have to watch the tv-shows or the movies, and when I'm by the pool I have to listen to music or read magazines. I have managed to read 3 books so far, though. 
1. Fight Club
2. Catcher in the Rye
3. Stephen Fry in AMERICA
They are all really good books but in different genres. Fight Club was amazing to read and know I can watch the movie and point out to everyone the things that were in the book. Catcher in the Rye is a classic I have already read. It is still amazing and if you haven't read it yet I encourage you too. Stephen Fry is hilarious which is shown throughout the book. If you want to learn something about America with some humour this is THE book.

Day 3 over (:

How easy would it be to live in a world without time zones. No more jetlag and no more skype confusion. Time zones make everyone confused and misled. In the movie "2012" it says the exact time the world will go under but not in what time zone. The date would also be wrong because Australia is probably a day ahead. "2012" is also a silly movie but I bet you already knew that. However, if there were no time zones you wouldn't feel like you were gaining some hours to your day. Then on the other hand, when you fly the other way it feels like those hours have been stolen. Weird world.

Another thing that upsets me is the song "Valerie". Most people think it was originally sung by Amy Winehouse, when in reality it was the Zutons. Try searching Valerie on YouTube. The sad thing is that it will come up with "Valerie Amy Winehouse, Valerie Glee, Valerie One Direction etc." and not with the original. Therefore, the Zutons are a completely unknown band that could have been famous if they had not given Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse the right to cover their song. I guess we all make bad decisions.

Day two over.

I am new to this whole blogging concept so please go easy. From the start I want to tell you that this is not like the other girly websites where they talk about the newest fashion or the hottest celebs. Already you are thinking that this is a blog just like that, and that you have read a million blogs about teenage girls moaning about something completely unimportant. Anyway, I will not write about that but rather the way I discover and see more and more things in the world. To start the blog I thought I might as well name it Day One. 

Have you ever seen a video and just felt completely utterly stunned? I recently did. Many of you may have watched it already but I didn't until yesterday. The video is called "Fifty People, One Question". I just cried. Afterwards, you just think about how incredible the human race can be. Watch it and enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAQtbTqDefw

What is it with girls and dying their hair? I know it is not all girls who wants to dye their because I'm a girl and I don't want to. Many of my friends have dyed their hair or gotten highlights. In my opinion, you were born with the hair-colour that fits you the best. Your natural colour goes with your eyes and skin shade. Also, when you get around 40 your hair will get thin and loose its colour. Bwarrh..and to think some girls don't know better. 

Recently, I asked my friend what happened to Kony and it seems that no one knows. Well some people do, but you know what I mean. The whole Kony thing just blew over and no one really knows if he got stopped. This just shows how world issues only spread if the media wants it to. There are probably a thousand people like Kony but we don't know about them because the media don't care. Sometimes the only thing I think the media cares about is Miley Cyrus' new hair (doesn't it look like she stuck her hair down a blender?). Anyway, my whole point is that society only knows what the government wants them to, because in most cases the media is controlled (sometimes secretly) by the government.

Day one over.