I really don't know why people make fake trees and flowers. What kind of world do we live in if we create fake roses? Just think about it for a second and you will realise how disgusting it is. Instead of planting more flowers, and make the world more green, we create fake ones out of plastic and pollute the world even more. Sometimes I just get really disappointed by mankind. Even by the way we treat each other. People don't let you skip the queue even if your wife is having a baby or something urgent. The human kind can really make you sad, but then sometimes there are these really inspiring moments where you are proud to be alive. 

I moved from Denmark to more southern country. I am still no particularly happy about the situation but this is not about that. In this country there is something rather hilarious in the parking garage to the supermarkets. There are reserved spaces for women. It is funny because it is almost politically correct. It is really nice that they reserve spaces for women but why? It is so sexist in a way. We certainly didn't have that in Denmark so I guess it may be that I am just used to something else. It is still quite peculiar.

Day four over. 

P.S. I'm sorry this is a short one, getting ready for school etc.

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