I am watching a tv-show and there is a guy complaining about screw tops on wine bottles. Really? Screw tops? He is not drinking a certain wine because it has a screw top. There is a also a woman who writes erotics novels. One of her books was called "mother-in-law, son-in-law". I will let you imagine what it was about. This is a legit show by the way and it is with real people. Is it rude to laugh at people who complain about the stupidest things?

I could never be a vegetarian. I believe that we were born to eat meat. The way our bodies are built also tell us that. I have nothing against vegetarians and actually really admire their will strength. I would be tempted so easily by lamb chops. Even thinking about it makes me hungry. Have you seen that episode with Phoebe (FRIENDS) eats the veal to impress Mike's parents? It gets me every time. 

Indie music has really been received well the past two years. Some indie music is amazing, but honestly some of it makes me want to sleep. There is no talent shown by the guitarists or drummers. They play one note every 30 seconds. Please tell me I am not the only one. Sometimes, however, I like to lie in my bed, put my headphones on and just stare at the ceiling and wonder. It's not a sad kind of wondering like the ones you have before you go to bed, it is more of a daydreaming and hopeful wondering. 

Battery is running low and so is my patience with watching this tv-show. The erotic writer is talking about how she doesn't like personalised number plater and the screw top guy has one. Funny stuff.

Day five over.

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