I am new to this whole blogging concept so please go easy. From the start I want to tell you that this is not like the other girly websites where they talk about the newest fashion or the hottest celebs. Already you are thinking that this is a blog just like that, and that you have read a million blogs about teenage girls moaning about something completely unimportant. Anyway, I will not write about that but rather the way I discover and see more and more things in the world. To start the blog I thought I might as well name it Day One. 

Have you ever seen a video and just felt completely utterly stunned? I recently did. Many of you may have watched it already but I didn't until yesterday. The video is called "Fifty People, One Question". I just cried. Afterwards, you just think about how incredible the human race can be. Watch it and enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAQtbTqDefw

What is it with girls and dying their hair? I know it is not all girls who wants to dye their because I'm a girl and I don't want to. Many of my friends have dyed their hair or gotten highlights. In my opinion, you were born with the hair-colour that fits you the best. Your natural colour goes with your eyes and skin shade. Also, when you get around 40 your hair will get thin and loose its colour. Bwarrh..and to think some girls don't know better. 

Recently, I asked my friend what happened to Kony and it seems that no one knows. Well some people do, but you know what I mean. The whole Kony thing just blew over and no one really knows if he got stopped. This just shows how world issues only spread if the media wants it to. There are probably a thousand people like Kony but we don't know about them because the media don't care. Sometimes the only thing I think the media cares about is Miley Cyrus' new hair (doesn't it look like she stuck her hair down a blender?). Anyway, my whole point is that society only knows what the government wants them to, because in most cases the media is controlled (sometimes secretly) by the government.

Day one over.

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