How easy would it be to live in a world without time zones. No more jetlag and no more skype confusion. Time zones make everyone confused and misled. In the movie "2012" it says the exact time the world will go under but not in what time zone. The date would also be wrong because Australia is probably a day ahead. "2012" is also a silly movie but I bet you already knew that. However, if there were no time zones you wouldn't feel like you were gaining some hours to your day. Then on the other hand, when you fly the other way it feels like those hours have been stolen. Weird world.

Another thing that upsets me is the song "Valerie". Most people think it was originally sung by Amy Winehouse, when in reality it was the Zutons. Try searching Valerie on YouTube. The sad thing is that it will come up with "Valerie Amy Winehouse, Valerie Glee, Valerie One Direction etc." and not with the original. Therefore, the Zutons are a completely unknown band that could have been famous if they had not given Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse the right to cover their song. I guess we all make bad decisions.

Day two over.

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